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We are Chartered Accountants, Time to be Creative Accountants.


We are glad to offer you all a chance to come work with us and give your creative mind an outlet, to learn and horn your skills. There are various processes for which we are hiring, so you have the option to choose a field best suited to your area of interest:


Full Time Internship: Weekly Commitments
Part time Internship: Subject to Process Requirement.
Duration: 1-3-6 Month Options Available
Process: A review of the CV and application shall be followed by a telephonic discussion between our Recruitment Coordinator and the applicant.


Verticals & Job Description: 
Content Writing: To provide regular write ups for our specific columns or on other miscellaneous topics, but should be in relation to the world of finance.


Media: We need creative minds to capture the scenes from behind the lens, though photographs and videos, be the cameraman, the video editor or the photographer.


Communications: To cover the Social Calendar, handle the social media channels from Facebook page to twitter and create daily news.


HR & Team Building: Need interns to co- ordinate between all verticals and ensure the timely delivery of write ups/ newsletter/ daily post. Also involves handling communication with our associates and follow ups with our prospective featured guests.


Marketing: Involves marketing, business development and strategic planning for promotion as well as getting sponsors for the website as well as for the events.


Event Management: Organizing and managing regular events like Movie marathon, Book clubs, Jam Session etc. To design, plan and coordinate annual events.


For More Information Contact:
Call/Whatsapp: +91-9958675565


Why be a CADet ?
> Be a part of the most creative Chartered Accountant Organization and India’s first independent magazine for the Chartered Accountants
> Certificates for the Internship
> Experience of working with a startup
> Learn from the pros at our workshops
> Credits/Byline for your works

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CA Diaries

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