10 things to prepare yourself for CA Results


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Everyone has to go through the dreadful period of examinations, but for CA students, things are little modified. Students who were used to study a day prior to exams are asked to prepare for examinations, two-three months in prior. Of course, considering that only 3 percent of students crack the CA exam, even three months for preparation is less.

CADiaries Results

However, there’s always a fun element in the “expectations” that are kept from the CA students as well as from their parents also. Here we will refresh those memories with memes!!

      1. Constantly remind yourself that you have studied well and nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. if not today, it will happen tomorrow.
      2. You sacrificed your social life, your smartphone or your laptop, your X-BOX or Play station, which is a big deal. You did well!via GIPHY
      3. Your basics are on point. You have referred to the right book, the right number of times, but you just did not get there. Big deal? No, CA is not a cake walk. You will get there.
      4. See, you have taken articleship seriously because that is the core. This time you prepare harder and think of the practical learning you have earned thanks to the extra attempt. No we are not being sadistic. The more you read, the more you learn.
      5. The spoon full of dahi and cheeni that was stuffed into your mouth must not be good quality. next time let us invest in better curd quality and let mom do all her superstitions. You never know which one might just work.
      6. Mental stability is a must, since only 2 percent of the students become CA. Your emotions should be sleeping while you analyze the result because they will worsen the situation. So, if it happens great, if it does not “don’t lose hope is the moral of the story.’
      7. “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” so, remain positive and calm.
      8. Remind yourself about all the things that you have experienced or learned while preparing for the exam, like, watching the sunrise, the insight that you can make coffee, watching your favorite show for 10 minutes can give you a lot of pleasure.CADiaries Baazigar
      9. The constant reminder that failures are not the end of your life. The very famous dialogue says it all, ”Haar ke jeetne waalo ko baazigar kehte hai.”
      10. Have faith in yourself . Remind yourself of the hard work that you have done and that it won’t go waste. The best things are yet to come.

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