What happens in a CA Office on Income Tax Return Filing Last Date?


A lot happens in a CA office in the month of July. But as they say, what happens in a CA office stays there. But, we thought we will bring you the highlight of what actually happens.

FYI: update the date has been extended till 5 August. Please breathe in, breathe out! http://www.ndtv.com/business/income-tax-today-s-deadline-for-filing-returns-to-be-extended-1731421


  1. Wishful CA : 
    A CA is always wishful till midnight of 31st July that the income tax return filing date will be extended. CA Diaries Income tax return filing last date
  2. Wishful CA article:
    The article always wishes that the date should NOT be extended as he wants his Sundays and usual working hours back. Extension of dates means, tension continues!
    CADiaries Income tax return filing
  3. Income Tax website traffic:
    This is the only time in the history of the ‘internet’ that the traffic for torrents sites is less than the traffic on Income Tax Website. 😛  31st July-4
  4. Site speed is lower than the Blood pressure of the CA:
    The crib never ends, “site load nahi horahi” is a permanent expression repeated ad nauseam. But, sadly the emotions with which it is loaded hardly affects the speed of the site. It is as obvious as saying “kitni grami hai” in summers or “kiting sardi hai in winters.CADiaries Income tax return filing
  5. More Aadhar Cards in mobile phone picture gallery than selfies:
    If you know a CA or an article, just check his mobile phone picture gallery. You will find more Aadhar cards in it than his own selfies. If you have an alternate business idea along side Aadhar card might just start with CAs 😉 CADiaries Income tax return filing

Jokes apart, these financial doctors of the country definitely make sure the taxation system works all fine and the month of July is almost like a no break month for them.



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