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Chartered Accountancy- a profession that stands for reliability and prudence; Cricket – a sport which is all about dynamism, precision and class. A merger of these two was orchestrated and the resultant event – CA Diaries Super Sixes 2016 took everyone by surprise.  An initial plan had been drawn to accommodate 12 teams in a one day event.  Post the overwhelming response (12 slots were occupied within two days of opening of registration), on public demand the number of teams were increased to 24 and was converted into a two day extravaganza. 31 matches were played at Cricket Stadium of Kalka Public School, Alaknanda, New Delhi on 19th and 20th March, 2016.216 players, 24 teams with 9 players each were divided into 8 groups of 3 teams each. The event was powered by Roadhouse Hostels– Hospitality Partner, Sports Vitae – Sports Partner, Bisleri – Hydration Partner, Startup Movers, and Devalaya Education.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar – CA Diaries Super SixesThe Sultan of Swing and Team India Speedster – Bhuvneshwar Kumar sends his best wishes for all the captains at the #CADiaries #SuperSixes #Cricket #LikeNeverBefore.19-20th March – All roads lead to Kalka Public School!!

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Posted by CA Diaries on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Before the event, the Sultan of Swing, Bhuvneshwar Kumar from the Indian cricket team sent out a video message, wishing all the teams’ good luck. As players came from different parts of the country andan environment full of ‘CA-ism’ could be seen.Banners of CA Diaries and participating CA teams were hanging everywhere. All the teams had fancy names in relation to the world of finance for example, Daring Derivatives, Tax Mavericks, Whistle Blowers, Joint Ventures, etc. Franchise teams like Game Swingers from Singhi Chugh and Kumar, Finance Yankees from Khanna & Annadhanam, KPMG Knight Watchers from KPMG, Grant Thornton Smashers and Grant Thornton Disrupters from Grant Thornton to name some were also present. Colleagues/ friends of the team players also came out in full support of their respective teams, cheering out loud and waving banners.

CA Diaries SUper Sixes 2016 - Main Backdrop

Ankit Bajaj - Co Founder CA Diaries - CA Diaries Super Sixes 2016

Ankit Bajaj, Co-Founder CA Diaries

The teams assembled at the scheduled time, were a colorful delight in their respective team jerseys. Sharp at 7’o clock, the tournament was declared open by CA Ankit Bajaj, Co-founder of CA Diaries with the first match between Tax Mavericks and Amalgamated Avengers. Fours and sixes started raining right from the very first match as the pitch favored the batsmen. Mammoth shots were played in all directions, taking the total count of sixes to a whooping number of 327 in the entire tournament.

Legal Legends1 - Ankur Batting - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Ankur Verma – Legal Legends

Joint Ventures - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Joint Ventures Posted The Biggest Total Of Tournament of 150 Runs in 6 Overs

Batting 1 - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Rohit - GST Gadiators - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

The tournament had innovative rules that made it even more interesting. There were six power boards on the boundary of the field, whenever the ball touched or went over the power board the runs scored on that ball got doubled.  One out of the six over was the game changer over, powered by DTH Connect in which the runs scored got doubled and on every wicket ten runs were subtracted from the total runs. These rules not just made the tournament much more exhilarating, but were also table turners in many matches.

Anjani Kumar Sharma - Flying Cadets - Wicket Keeping - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Anki Bajaj - Bowling - Flying Cadets - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Meanwhile, the foot-tapping music raised the enthusiasm level of the crowd. The players of the winning team of every match were seen grooving to the music after coming out victorious and some really funky dancing was seen on the ground. In the food court, the teams and the audience enjoyed chilled drinks to beat the heat and savored lip smacking food to please their taste buds. High point was the commentary by implausible commentators who can make professional commentators run for their money. CADet Arjun Sobti did non-stop ball-by-ball commentary in English, Hindi and also in Punjabi. The Punjabi commentary, full of ‘Sidhuism’ was never heard before, left the crowd totally amused. He was joined by CA Anjani Kumar Sharma, CA Sambhav Mehrotra, CA Parul Grover and CADet Himanshu Khurrana who did commentary, discussed the intricacies of the game and kept the crowd engaged with their wit and humor. With the conclusion of first day’s play, everyone proceeded to their homes to watch a less interesting World T20 India vs. Pakistan.

Anjani Kumar Sharma - Founder CA Diaries - CA Diaries Super Sixes 2016

Live ball by ball commentary by CADet Arjun Sobti and AKS

Gaurav - Statutory Spartan - Having a light moment with the empire - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Statutory Spartans Captain – Gaurav having a light moment with the umpire

Second day’s play started with a continuation of the enthusiasm. The audience witnessed some really close matches that elevated the heart beats.From somersaults by the batsmen to exceptional dives by the fielders, the effort was commendable. Each team had two matches to showcase their caliber and secure top spot in the group tally. The top team from each group qualified for quarter finals.The aggression on the field was apparent; the disappointment of losing was evident, but the team didn’t fail in holding on to the sportsman spirit and kept the gentlemen’s game, a gentlemen’s game. On the field, the teams were experimenting with different combinations of bowlers and batsmen, off the field commentators were experimenting with new ways of commentary and for first time ever, musical commentary was heard which was performed by the members of CA Diaries Music Society (also featured in CA Diaries Unplugged 2016 event).

CA Harish Kumar - Partner Singhi Chugh & Kumar - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

CA Harsh Kumar (Partner Singhi Chugh and Kumar) in conversation Ankit Bajaj and Arjun Sobti

Finance Yankees Win Quarter Final - KHANNA & ANNADHANAM -CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Finance Yankees Captain – Anshul Shah leading his team to victory against the Joint Ventures in Q/Fs, after scoring the winning runs

As the sun began to set, floodlights lit up to dazzle the ground and the semi-finals were played between the four semi-finalists, Finance Yankees vs. Whistle blowers and Tax mavericks vs. Grant Thornton Smashers. Anxiety level was soared high,leading to a nail-biting finish of the semi-finals. Whistle Blowers and Grant Thornton Smashers made their way to the finals. Final match, all eyes glued to the field, one hand clutched the other, deafening silence, such was the condition of the spectators and the field. Both the team gave their all to the match and finally Grant Thornton Smashers smashed Whistle blowers and recorded a bravura triumph.

Night View - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Before the Knockouts to be played under lights at the CA Diaries Super Sixes

Under Flood Lights Action - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Final Match – Whistler Blowers vs Grant Thornton Smashers

In the closing ceremony, the guest of honor Vivek Jain, founder of CA Club India and Anjani Kumar Sharma, founder CA Diaries presented the winner’s trophy and gold medals to the winning team. Winning team also received 2 nights free stay at Goa or Jaipur property from Roadhouse Hostels. Anshul Shah from Finance Yankees (team from Khanna & Annandhanam) was presented with the Best Batsman Trophy for scoring maximum runs, while Prateek from Whistle Blowers was presented with the Best Bowler Trophy for taking maximum wickets in the tournament. Both of them also received 2 nights free stay at Goa or Jaipur property from Roadhouse Hostels. The runners up team were presented with the runners up trophy, silver medals and vouchers worth Rs.500 for each player from DTH Connect. Man of the match award was powered by Startup Movers and all the awardees received vouchers from DTH Connect and special vouchers from Roadhouse Hostels. All other teams were awarded participation medals.

Vivek Jain - Founder CA Club India - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Guest Of Honor – Vivek Jain, Founder CA Club India

Best Batsmen and Bowler - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Anjani Kumar Sharma, Founder CA Diaries Presenting the Best Batsmen and Bowler Award to Anshul Shah and Prateek respectively.

Winners and Runners up - CA DIaries Supers Sixes 2016

Runners Up – Whistle Blowers, Winners – Grant Thornton Smashers

This brought an end to the biggest cricket tournament witnessed by CA fraternity, thoroughly enjoyed by each and everyone present. The ecstatic smiles on radiant faces proved that those two days will be remembered for a long time or until the next CA Diaries event, whichever is earlier.

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And all these beautiful pictures have been clicked our in-house team of photographers and of course, two very passionate and talented Chartered Accountants. Thank you Amit Panjiyar’s Photography and Parul Jain’s – PhotoJockey for such an awesome coverage of the two day tournament.

Photographers Team - CA Diaries Super Sixes 2016

Before we conclude our Audit Report for the event we would again like thank all our sponsors and partners in the CA Diaries Super Sixes 2016:

CA Diaries Super Sixes 2016 -Hospitality Partner RoadhouseCA Diaries Super Sixes 2016 - Sports partner sports vitaeCA Diaries Super Sixes 2016 - Man of the Match - startup moversCA Diaries Super Sixes 2016 - Hyderation Partner BisleriCA Diaries Super Sixes 2016 - Game Changing Over - DTC Connect

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