No State Of Decay


I did not lose it now, nor will I lose what so ever happens after May 2016. And all I want from each and every CA final student having gone through the similar situation is, not to loose it too because the “Best” for you is yet to come and God is just testing your patience.

“No State Of Decay”
By Siddhi J

Laying upside down in an empty room,
In the dark on the floor, filled with gloom.

A silent cry there I outcry,
Heart sobbing with a sigh.

Nose blocked breathing in and out,
Tears oozing out with an unheard shout.

I cover my eyes with a cloth,
Head says, “let it go” with a wroth.

Headphones on with full volume, nothing audible,
Lyrics don’t mean anything now, nothing palpable.

Heart’s still confused on what to say or do,
Tears piling up say, “let us out, let us through.”

The cloth all wet, some make way down the cheek,
And others joining the rest, leaving me weak.

Body numb, only the eyes blink and the heart beats,
The raining tears going strong, still persists.

Some I lick away, some get smashed on the floor,
I see them down there, smiling at me even more.

The head interrupts smiling, says, “you’ve lost,”
Heart pounds, confused what to say and what not.

Eyes realise something and stops blinking,
Heart joins them, now starts thinking.

One hand on the cheeks, clearing up the mess,
The other comes along, doing the rest.

Heart beats normal now without an ache,
Thinking what’s the game and what’s at stake.

Head in a state of disarray now mutters,
But eyes for tears, now close the shutters.

Legs hearing the heart’s order to get upright,
The body joining forces, eyes now look bright.
Helping them out I smile and say, “Don’t worry, we’ll make it right.”

Siddhi J Author PicShe’s foodie music snob who firmly believes in her saying “Dream a dream, a dream in which the dream you dream is no more a dream.” She loves meeting strangers and hearing out their stories to have a different perspective to life. And above all, this free spirited soul is a ‘CA Student.’

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